As an advocate of mental health in Kenya, Aldo Olunya (@abominable_froman) uses Instagram live videos to host discussions with Colotau (@colotau) centred around mental health. He is passionate about helping men speak up about their issues. Very rarely do men tackle issues such as body dysmorphia or trauma. Too often they are told to man up instead of actually dealing with their issues.

Aldo’s Instagram page is a visible representation of what he aspires to achieve when it comes to mental health and men in the Kenyan society. One of his IGTV discussions centres around how financial loss during the Covid 19 pandemic has affected men’s interpersonal personal relationships. Considering that 1 out of every 10 people in Kenya suffer a mental disorder, advocates such as Aldo and Colotau’s work to encourage men to openly talk about their issues is crucial.

The Aldo and Colotau’s IG LIVE is great and selfless service especially in Kenya where men and their mental health has been associated with negative narratives for years.

"We want men to feel safe enough to have discussions on mental health"

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