Bengatronics are a sensational independent record label and band in Nairobi, Kenya. Bengatronics explores a retrofuturist sound by blending cutting edge electronics with irresistible Benga rhythms and melodies and borrowing from global influences of electronica, rhumba, jazz, hip hop and trap.

⁣ The band was formed when DJ Gregg Tendwa met John Kithikii, on his way back from a gig. Kithikii was selling benga CDs on the side of the road and Greg invited him to try and fuse benga music with electronic music on stage. These first tests and subsequent studio and live sessions led to the growth of their band, studio and record label.

The Bengatronics studio is designed for collaborations and virtual collaborations. They recently produced the "Lockdown Love" album, a 10-track digital album in collaboration with other artists locked down by #COVID19 across the world. The music on the album was created specifically to act as a form of therapy with uplifting grooves ⁣and bouncy lyrics that invite listeners to dance, even while at home.

"The future of music production is in the sounds of its history. We are the story."

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