Functional fashion may not be common in Kenya but it’s soon becoming a big part of the ‘new normal’. Boguk is a young and vibrant fashion brand based in Kibera that creates unconventional designs that bridge the gap between high fashion and mainstream streetwear. They work with craftsmen in the informal settlement generating employment and helping improve lives in the community.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, founders Bevern Oguk and Anna Framhein designed the Bogmask utilising his skills as a fashion designer and her expertise as a medical doctor. The masks are an intersection between personal protection and fashion and through their Instagram account have been sold all over Kenya and the world.

Building on their success they released the 'Nane Capsule' line that integrates masks into a whole new look and style for 'the new normal', and are soon opening their first flagship store. Boguk’s story is one of resilience and powerful growth over the years and during a time of crisis.

"The future of Boguk is anchored in our mission, from Kibera to The World"

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