Maasai Mbili is an art collective and gallery in Kibera, Kenya as founded by two sign-writers; Otieno Gomba and Otieno Kota. The partners managed to raise enough money to take over a bar along Kibera Drive and convert it into a studio. For the last ten years, this former bar has become a beacon of hope and resilience in the sprawling slum of Kibera; often touted as the largest in Africa.

Initially producing functional art, The M2 Art Center has grown into a therapeutic space that fosters reflection for artists like Kevo Sterro. The centre’s repertoire has grown to include sculptures, murals and paintings that reflect the artists’ life experiences in Kibera, Nairobi.

Better known as M2, the Art Centre is both a studio gallery and a communal space where members of the public from Kibera congregate to socialise, network and discuss community issues. Maasai Mbili has become an integral part of the community they exist in through providing a sense of belonging, creating a space for artistic expression and cultural identity for an often ignored section of our society.

"It's like church, it's our shrine"

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