Shoba Gatimu is a self-taught chef, blogger and social media personality. Years ago he started doing Facebook live videos of his cooking. The show, Cook Out Thursdays, grew in popularity due to Shoba's unconventional interpretation of recipes and his outgoing and bubbly personality.

The growth of his online persona and the Facebook live show led to Shoba's follow up success as a food content influencer for various corporate brands, as well as eventually having his own television cooking show.

Even with the hiatus, he's taken to revamp the show and create a better viewing experience for his audience, Shoba's Cook Out Thursdays videos still get a lot of traction years later. He's still the only person online who has a video on how to properly cook matumbo (tripe) so your neighbours don’t shout about the smell over your wall.

"The Facebook live show gave me the opportunity to grow as a creative and prepare for the corporate gigs"

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