Dr Amakove Wala is the Global Advisor, Health and Nutrition for the Aga Khan Foundation, a mother of one plus three (triplets) and the travel enthusiast who helped thousands of people in Kenya escape the mundanity of lockdowns.

Pre-COVID 19 Dr Wala travelled extensively with her kids and documented her journeys on her Facebook page. Earlier this year restrictions on interaction and movement slowed travel to nearly zero. Dr Wala started a Facebook group, Wanderlust Diaries, for other travel addicts to interact and share their travelogues. The group was started on April 14th 2020 and now stands at just over 300 000 members.

The success of Wanderlust Diaries has of course come with its own challenges, such as moderating the words of people who have been locked indoors for months. However, its successes far outweigh the challenges. It gave people a community where they could leave their homes and live vicariously through the words, videos and images of other Kenyans.

"The Cabin Fever is Real"

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