Yoga Heart Kenya is a Baptiste Affiliated Yoga School in Nairobi, Kenya. Through their practice and dedication to the teachings of yoga, co-founders Walter Mugwe, James Thairo and Basilio Micha have built a thriving community of yoga enthusiasts who continuously create a positive impact in society.

Baptiste yoga differs from other disciplines as it is about adaptation and flow. Yogis adapt and modify each posture as the move creating their own individual experiences.

Yoga Heart Kenya raised money through crowdfunding and leading virtual yoga sessions. They used the proceeds to start community outreach projects such as feeding programmes for lower-income households, a greenhouse providing a sustainable income for an orphanage, hand washing stations, sanitary pads for young women as well as yoga classes in the slums.
Their experiences growing up helped shape Yoga Heart Kenya’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the implications it had for lower-income households in Kenya.

Yoga has four pillars; introspection, action, devotion and knowledge. Yoga Heart Kenya’s story is a powerful example of what living with those pillars in mind can achieve.

"Yoga gave me the faith to believe in myself, regardless of my background"

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